Opportunity through Education - Scholarships


Private Schools

Sir Reginald left school at age 14 to work in his father’s business, but he had a strong belief in the importance of a good education and was very supportive of Toorak College and The Peninsula School during his lifetime.

The R.M. Ansett Trust established full scholarships at these schools based on financial need and academic merit. The scholarhips include school fees, books, laptop, uniform and extra-curricular activities.

To recognise Sir Reginald’s close connection with the Hamilton area, a full scholarship was also established at Hamilton and Alexandra College.

The Peninsular School       



Public Schools

The R.M Ansett Trust also supports academically promising students in years 10-12 at Victorian public schools. There are 10 scholarships of $1500 each year for three years that are awarded annually to encourage students to complete their education.


Swinburne University – Aviation Scholarship

Studying Hard

Sir Reginald will be always associated with aviation. For this reason, the R.M. Ansett Trust offers a 3-year aviation scholarship at Swinburne University.  After leaving school, Sir Reginald qualified as a knitting-machine and sewing-machine mechanic at Swinburne. The aviation scholarship is for students who demonstrated academic aptitude and financial need and it is worth $30,000 over 3 years.


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