Creating Opportunity

Sir Reginald Ansett


Sir Reginald expressed a wish in his will that the income from his charitable trust be distributed to authorised charities and be used to “assist children to take their place in life”.

The Trustees of his Trust, Theo Moss (who passed away in 2009) and Keith Simpson (who passed away in 2013) , both trusted advisors to Sir Reginald during his lifetime, together with Equity Trustees, were presented with the challenge of establishing a grants program for his Trust which  realised the philanthropic goals expressed by Sir Reginald in his will and reflected his pattern of giving during his lifetime.


Sir Reginald the businessman

In 1969, Reginald Ansett was knighted in recognition of his services to the transport industry and was known publicly for his business acumen having turned a single aeroplane – a six-seater Fokker Universal purchased in 1935 – into one of Australia’s leading domestic airlines operating during the years 1937-2001.

Sir Reginald was also responsible for establishing a number of other business enterprises including Ansett Pioneer (Australia’s leading coach lines), Ansett Road Freight and the Channel O television station in Melbourne (which later became part of Network 10).



The R.M. Ansett Trust established

There are many factors which can influence a child’s ability to “take their place in life” such as education, employment, health, family and peer support, mentors and access to extra curricular activities and programs.  The R.M. Ansett Trust was launched in November 2010 and in its first year, distributed nearly $1 million in grants and scholarships.

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