About the Trust

The R.M. Ansett Trust was established through Sir Reginald Ansett's will in which he expressed his wish that the income from his charitable trust be used to assist children to "take their place in life".

In giving effect to Sir Reginald's philanthropic goals, the Trustees were conscious that there are many factors which can influence a child's ability to "take their place in life" such as education, employment, health, family and peer support, mentors and access to extra curricular activities and programs. These factors were considered, as well as relevant research into existing programs for vulnerable children in Victoria and the issues that had been of importance to Sir Reginald during his lifetime, when developing the Ansett Trust's scholarship and grants programs.


Opportunity through Education - Scholarships

Private Schools

During their lives Sir Reginald and Lady Ansett gave financial and other support to Toorak College and The Peninsula School and in his will, Sir Reginald expressed the wish that those schools continue to be shown some preference by the Trustees when distributing his Trust's income.

The Trustees established full scholarships at both schools, which are based on financial need and academic merit. The scholarships are offered to children who would not normally be able to attend the schools. The scholarships include school fees, books, lap-top, uniform and extra-curricular activities such as music and sporting lessons and camps.

To recognise Sir Reginald's close connection with the Hamilton area, a similar scholarship was established at Hamilton and Alexandra College

Public Schools

In order to encourage academically promising students in years 10-12 at public schools to complete their secondary education, 10 scholarships of $1500 each year for three years are awarded annually to public school students.

Swinburne University - Aviation Scholarship

Sir Reginald will be always associated with aviation. For this reason the Trustees established a three-year aviation scholarship at Swinburne University for students who demonstrated academic aptitude and financial need. The Sir Reginald Ansett Aviation Scholarship is worth $30,000 over the three years of the degree.


Opportunity through Grants

The R.M. Ansett Trust has two streams of grants.

Signature Grants

The Trustees consulted with the Child Safety Commissioner to create the Signature Grants Program which provides major grants of between $100,000 to $150,000 for organisations which support or care for children in residential, foster and kinship care.

Discretaionary Grants

The R.M. Ansett Trust also runs a general grants programs for the benefit of charitable organisations which assist children to take their place in life.


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